A yorie is a personalizable story.
A yorie helps in bulding your child’s character in a personalized way. If you tell your child a story, in which your child is a character, it will be more likely to pay attention. Everone loves to see themselves in the mirror.
Yories help build your child’s character – as a parent you expect your child to be happy, healthy, wealthy, peaceful, and powerful citizen. A child with positive character will be able to attract all of those. Could you be more happy than this?
A yorie can create new experiences in your child’s lives. Here are some of the things a Yorie can do:

circle Teach about a subject in a personalized manner

circle Improve a child’s behavior when there are changes in routines

circle Inspire a child to complete less-preferred tasks.

circle Make your child clear about abstract concepts

circle Make your child independent by improving his ability to assume ownership of the activity s/he undertakes

circle And more …

We wish we could send you a copy free of charge but a yorie is like a chocolate – a consumable element. If it is spoiled, it is spoiled. But to extend the support, we will offer you 15% discount if you order the same yorie for the seoncd time.
You can order one. Or more. It realliy does not matter. But if you order 50 or more copies, the printers will give us volume discounts which we will transfer to you.
Typically one week. But mostly you may receive it within just 3 days.
Simple, Email your yorie to hello@yories.com and write “Story submission :: [Name of Your Story] in the subject.
No. Given the nature of the product, we do not offer any cash-on-delivery option. We do accept credit cards, debit cards, PayTM and on occasions cheques.
Given the consumable nature of the product, an order cannot be cancelled or returned. However, if the physical copy you have received is damaged, then we would replace it at no additional charges.
We are working on introducing subscription option. Idea is to have an option where you can pay X amount for a year and you will receive two yories every month. We will introduce this option in early 2017.