How It Works

For Parents

Parents use the web or mobile app, browse the stories, add personalization info and request a physical or digital delivery of the personalized story.

For Children

Children access the personalized stories through physical books or in digital format on their parent’s mobile and tablet devices.

For Storytellers

Storytellers create personalizable stories and submit to Yories. Once reviewed, the story will be published for parents to buy. Storytellers get a larger cut when a parent purchases a story.


Yories is a personalized storytelling platform that helps build your child’s character.

Yories puts the power of a personalized, engaging story in the hand of parents. At Yories, we believe that personalized stories enable

extremely relevant learning, help build and nurture child’s character, and build a strong connection among parents and child.

Happy Clients About Us

What Our Customers Say
My son is very fond of picture and story books, he has a hundred of them. But when we came to know about Yories, we decided there cannot be a better surprise for our champ. All we had to do was give a picture of Vivaan and little did we know that it'd be turned into a beautiful, fun and educational book for our son with his own picture in it. Also, the content helps us teach him a lot of good manners. Thanks for the beautiful surprise and one of the best gifts Vivaan has!
Petrochemical Engineer
Thank you Yories for your effort behind personalised calender and books. My daughter and her friends loved their books with own pics. It's really encouraging way to like books in early age. It was pleasure to have all those items. My daughter Tani was so excited about her book and calendar. After receiving her book,she read almost daily till 10 days and now it's by heart to her.
Vrunda Trivedi
Assistant Accountant
Vrunda  Trivedi
My 6-year-old son, Rohan keeps me busy the whole day. Sometimes he needs so much of attention that I find it difficult to work on my home business. I have been using some Yories for a few days and it is keeping my son engaged. I think he likes to spend time reading and sharing Yories with his friends.
~ Sumita Vachhani
Working from home Mom
~ Sumita Vachhani
Yories is an excellent concept that brings a kid in center of a story. My 6 years old son enjoyed this ͞involved learning with fun͟ experience and treasures his personalised Yories story book.
Pooja Vora
Lead ManagerHousewife
Pooja  Vora
We had a birthday party for our daughter and we were thinking what gift to give. Then we got to know about Yories. We ordered 40 Yories as birthday return gift and all the children and their moms were so happy seeing my daughter and their friends in the story. A unique return gift that everyone enjoyed!
~ Medhavi Purani
Working Woman
~ Medhavi Purani
My daughter got a yorie as a surprise. She was so happy seeing herself in the yorie that she spent a couple of weeks telling her friends the same story again and again. I'd like to get more Yories for my 4 years old sooner than later.
~ Dr. Vaishali Sompura
Working Woman
~ Dr. Vaishali Sompura
Yories made it simple for me; calendar made of glossy thick classy paper with girlish pink designs inspired my niece to take interest in learning days and dates! so beautiful way of expressing feelings of a kid in the form of colours, designs and pictures.... My best wishes to team Yories!!
Prof. Dr. Gora Trivedi
Writer, Professor, Social Activist
Prof.  Dr.  Gora  Trivedi